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Fair Trade Gypsy Mexican Pom Pom Garland - Black

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The people of the Chiapas region in Mexico handcraft colorful pom poms from plush yarn using traditional Mayan Techniques. The artisans use this soft yarn to create vibrant pom poms, then string them together to form a beautiful decorative accent.

Known for good luck, decorate with these colorful pom poms from Mexico that are directly purchased from the artisans. Hang over doorways, curtain rods, lay down the table, or wrap in hair to add color and vibrancy anywhere you use them. Can combine other colors and styles of Mexican Pom Poms for even more options.

You will receive a very similar product as the one shown in the picture, slight color, tassel length, and pom sizes may vary as they are handmade.

  • Handmade and directly traded with the artisans in Chiapas, Mexico where they hold a long tradition of decorating with these colorful pom poms to beckon good luck.
  • Each is approximately 64" long with pom poms and tassels.
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