Gypsies – Fair Trade Gypsy


Fair Trade Gypsies follow the Hummingbird Spirit on a Camino Blanco to find, create, and trade with artisans making visionary art of all energies. Creating a fair exchange for all. Everything is sacred to the Sacbe walker. 

Fair Trade Gypsy Sellers

Canton Gypsy Market - Pop-up markets for the Gypsy Soul in Canton, Ohio.

#shopthewanderer - Makerspace and Artisan Collective carrying Fair Trade Gypsy goods in Canton, Ohio, U.S.A. 

Fair Trade Gypsy - Lives in Mexico & Guatemala trading visionary art of all energies.

Midwest Macrame - Macrame jewelry and stones inspired by nature from Newark, Ohio. Works life knot by knot working in energy in each one.

Soulful Designs by Casey Logan - Maker and seller of jewelry made to comfort your soul from Canton, Ohio. Catch her at the next festival.

Fair Trade Gypsy Makers

Artesanía Rosario - Creator of Guatemalan tipica textiles and modern designs in San Pedro La Laugna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Cosme - Visionary macrame jewelry Artisan from Chiapas, Mexico.

Crystal Balam - Artisan from the Yucatan in Mexico creating handmade macrame jewelry with tribal stones.

Juan Carlos - Macrame master from Chiapas, Mexico.

Miharu Goto - Japanese macrame artisana and stone trader in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.