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Artisan Roasted Ethiopian Microlot Specialty Coffee

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  • Receive the best crop currently coming from Ethiopia. We are currently working with local growers to source Yirgacheffe, Adado, and Guji green coffee beans.
  • We only roast-to-order, never storing roasted coffee. Your bag comes stamped with the date your coffee was roasted.
  • You may personalize a gift message to be included. Prices are not shown on the packing slip.

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. It now has many different growing regions and the coffee can vary incredibly from region to region. Unlike most other coffee producing countries that treat coffee mainly as a cash crop, much of the coffee produced in Ethiopia never leaves the country.

Single origin coffee supplies are greatly affected by the weather conditions as well as the economic and political conditions where rare, specialty grade coffees are grown. You will receive the best crop coming from Ethiopia. We work with local growers to source Yirgacheffe, Adado, and Guji green coffee beans.

Ethiopian coffee is known to be complex and very fragrant with citrus floral aromas. We carefully watch over these beans during roasting to preserve it’s delicate and nuanced favors, as well as maintain its distinct reputation.

We do single origin coffee right. You may be used to choosing a flavored coffee in the grocery store, but when you choose to drink our small-batch roasted coffee you will experience the distinctive taste of where your coffee was grown. Like a fine wine, the taste of each coffee is affected by the climate and altitude of where it was grown. We take a light handed, small batch approach to roasting, striving to bring out the distinctive taste of the origin. You can trust that our artisan roasters know exactly how to roast each type of bean to bring out the best of each location.

All of our coffee is roasted to order and shipped fresh daily. We package in air-tight, foil-lined bags with one-way degassing valves to preserve freshness.

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