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This product has no title on Amazon f11f3e

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Flavor:Ground (drip) |  Size:12 Ounce

This blend of Latin American and African coffees is the perfect way to start your day. Only specialty grade, Fair Trade coffee is used to make this blend, no low quality filler beans often used to make coffee blends. The coffee is a medium (city) roast that is rich with nuanced flavors of chocolate, cherry, and citrus with a slight nutty aftertaste.

The specialty coffees in this blend come from Fair Trade Certified growers. Fair Trade Certified coffee guarantees livable wages for farmers and their families, improving their opportunities for better healthcare, housing and education. By choosing Fair Trade Certified coffees you are directly contributing to the livelihood of coffee growing communities.

  • We only roast-to-order, never storing roasted coffee.
  • Your bag comes stamped with the date your coffee was roasted.
  • Fair Trade, Shade grown, & Organic.
  • Perfect for your Ekobrew or reusable k-cup filter
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