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Huichol Indian Beaded Bracelet - Diamantes y Flechas

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This Nierika, a portal between the physical and spiritual worlds, has Sacred Geometry captured in its shapes that correspond to the elements. A nierika is an object that can be created by any believer and can take on diverse shapes. This hand beaded bracelet features a diamond, un diamante. For every year of the child's life a diamond is strung, until reaching five, the Huichol's magical number, because just as they have five cardinal points, they have five Nakawé mothers, five peyote colors, and five corn colors. There are five rain gods, and it is five times that the mara'akame must make a pilgrimage to Wirikuta, the site in Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí, where the Huichols meet with their gods to complete their formation and thus reach their religious hierarchy. Handmade in Nayarit, Mexico. This bracelet measures 6" x 2", the easy on and off clasp adds .75"
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